Roll up! Cheap houses for sale in Chelsea!

1 September 2015 | William Carrington

Well, they would be if they were offered for sale at the prices advertised by Country Life in a May 1973 issue.  Looking through the LonRes archives of Country Life magazine, I came across this advertisement for property for sale in the Royal borough.

One of them is a house in Christchurch Street on a 56-year lease for £59,000.  Fast forward to February 1994 and it had been enfranchised and sold for £585,000.  Then, in March 2011, its sister house was sold for £3,800,000.  I have a feeling that 2,420 square feet of house is worth even more now!

On the attached pages are houses in Royal Avenue, Chelsea Park Gardens, Dovehouse Street and Bury Walk with combined asking prices of £422,500.  The last four sales in each of these addresses in the LonRes archive total £22,100,000!

It makes for interesting reading, that’s for sure!

About the author

William Carrington

Chairman, LonRes

William co-founded LonRes with Anthony Payne in 1999. He began his property career in the mid 1980s with a small family firm based in Knightsbridge. In 1992, he joined forces with Charles Boston, establishing Boston Carrington Pritchard based in Sloane Street, where he specialised in Landlord and Tenant work. William is a director of CLEA Ltd, which owns The London Magazine, and remains a consultant to Boston Radford Surveyors.

William Carrington