LonRes Turns 20

6 January 2020

Welcome to 2020, a very special year for LonRes as we mark our 20th Anniversary. To celebrate, we have some exciting activities planned throughout the year. 


Birthday site

Launching soon will be a dedicated site showcasing the very best of LonRes over the years. From fascinating market stats, facts and interviews, to your own birthday messages and behind-the-scenes footage at LonRes HQ, we will keep you entertained throughout the year. 

As always, our subscribers are at the heart of everything we do. We want them to be a prominent part of this site, so keep an eye out for what they have to say about us. 

A big reveal

LonRes has spent the past year working with subscribers on something very special. This promises to enhance our subscribers' experience on the system and create even more business opportunity within the LonRes community. The big reveal is just around the corner - watch this space.

Raising £20k in 2020

To support our amazing charities, the LonRes team has set themselves a fundraising target of £20,000. There will be plenty of opportunities to have a laugh at our expense as we push ourselves out of our comfort zones to reach our goal - we will keep you posted.

We wish you a prosperous and successful year ahead.