Press Release: LonRes Off-Market Sales Listings Pass The £1 Billion Mark

20 May 2020

The LonRes off-market service, launched in August last year, passed the £1 billion mark this week.  Interest in the service has been steadily growing and the combined value of prime London and country properties registered as off-market is now in excess of £1 billion.  Properties listed on the service range in price from £350,000 to £45m.  

Anthony Payne, Managing Director of LonRes said: “LonRes, as a B2B facing portal operating within a ‘closed’ secure environment, is the only portal able to offer such a service.  And the level of interest that that the service is generating illustrates how it is meeting a real need.  

“Particularly in these times when sellers may be hesitant about launching their property on to the open market, this service provides agents with an effective, softer option to offer their clients.”  

Over the last year, there has been a growing reliance on off-market sales.  And LonRes is perfectly placed to facilitate these.  A closed network of over 6,000 ‘LonRes qualified’ property professionals, with clients looking to purchase, means that properties can be quietly advertised to a wide pool of potential buyers without compromising the need for discretion. 

All the selling agent – who remains anonymous - need do, is upload the first part of a property’s postcode, its price, whether it’s a flat or house and its bedroom count, onto LonRes.  Labelled on LonRes as ‘off-market’, the property is captured as part of a usual LonRes search and a ‘click here for more information’ button, sends an email of interest direct to the undisclosed selling agent.  

Anthony Payne again: “The off-market service provides selling agents with the best of all worlds, complete discretion and the ability to access a wide-reaching cross section of buyers – including those registered with buying agents.  In short it offers a simple solution to a complex problem.”


For further information please contact:

Alison Blease, Director PR, LonRes
T: 07769 677825