LonRes at 20: the lightbulb moment behind one of the first PropTech firms

14 March 2020

Estate Agent Today

The lightbulb moment for LonRes was born out of sheer frustration. I’d just missed out on a deal and the postman was entirely to blame.

At the time, I had my own business and was renting a room from William (Carrington – now Chairman of LonRes). I remember William catching me just as it happened and mentioned to him that I’d recently heard about this internet thing which could do just about anything.

It could even search for properties which meant we wouldn’t have to rely on the postman turning up on time – or not!

As it turned out, William was equally frustrated. At the time, he specialised in enfranchisement and valuation work which involved long and onerous hours on the phone seeking out comparable evidence. Like me – and indeed the property world as a whole – he too was in in need of a searchable, centralised database. And that was the start of LonRes.

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