MINI BUDGET Analysis: how will the stamp duty holiday affect the housing market?

12 July 2020

The Sunday Times

Abolish stamp duty. It has been the mantra of high-end estate agents ever since the then chancellor George Osborne introduced reforms of stamp duty land tax (SDLT) in 2014, which made buying a house cheaper for purchases under £937,000 — 98% of households — but more expensive in Mayfair. Even after last week’s stamp duty holiday was announced for purchases under £500,000, Home’s inboxes were full of emails from top-end agents saying Rishi Sunak did not go far enough.

Take Enness Global, a high-net-worth mortgage broker. It argues that although buyers in prime central London — where the median sold price is £4.92 million — will save £15,000 under the new reforms, buyers on a £14.1 million home will still pay £1.6 million in tax. “High-end homeowners certainly won’t be getting any richer thanks to Rishi,” says its chief executive, Islay Robinson. “This archaic tax continues to leave a bad taste in the mouth of prime buyers. It’s about time this government money-grab was abolished completely.”

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